Here are some of the projects I've worked as Head of Post Production at Fitplan. I've been lucky to have the opportunity to work with such talented people.

Fitplan is an app available for iOS and Android since June 2016, that brings you the exact training methods of the world top athletes. Jeff Seid, Michelle Lewin, Mike O'hearn, Jen Selter, these are some of the personal trainers you have the chance to train with. 
My position allowed me to help upgrade our video production, being a key factor the collaboration between the LA and Vancouver team, but specially making sure that we deliver a product that satisfies 100% the user and the athlete.
Fitplan has a bright future ahead, with a community that thrives on personal growth and altruism. And with a nutrition app coming soon, this is just the start of a new era in personal training. Join our community, try our app and let me know what you think about it! Use the code HABIT in our web to get a free month:
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