I was contacted by Zoom Sport to create a Motion Graphics package for Social Media content.  They mainly needed an interesting way to show photos, as well as some lower thirds and full screen titles.  
The delivered assets consisted on an After Effects Project, that will allow Zoom Sport's editors to create new content on their own.
Using Photoshop, I created some scribbles that would be later animated on After Effects, using them on the contact sheet layout and as drop frames.  
The idea was to recreate the good old contact sheet look.  These images were used as a reference for the project.
There are four different photo transitions, as that's an asset that the editors use quite often and they needed some variety.  The template works with colored and black and white photos, and videos as well.
A composition with drop frames to be overlaid on their footage (the photo will be replaced by the editor), giving it a more raw style.
Photo Transition #1
Photo Transition #2
Photo Transition #3
Photo Transition #4
Full Screen Title
That's it! Big thanks to Matheus Bertelli and Pexels for letting me use their beautiful pictures.  I really recommend checking Matheus Instagram, he's a crazy talented photographer.
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