Back from Mozambique in 2014, I had the opportunity to teach Motion Graphics at Istituto Europeo di Design, a design school from Barcelona. I had already been an After Effects Teacher in the same school, but it was no more than a practical class. This new subject was a bit of a challenge for me, but it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences from last year.
One of my concerns was to give the students the possibility to work in a real project. I thought, if these guys are going to work for free, it should at least be a meaningful project, something that not only helps them learn, but also provides value to our community. And this is how I decided to focus the final project on the Motion Graphics package for the 2015 Fada Awards. This ceremony is hosted by the Vicky Bernadet Foundation, a organization that helps victims of child abuse. This is such a delicate issue, that usually our society avoids to deal with it. That is why awarding people who dare to talk about it, helping victims feel less isolated, is something great and laudable.

The course was attended by 12 students. It started with the definition of my occupation, Motion Graphics, followed up by the study of the Stars in Title Design, such as Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder, Kyle Cooper… We studied the techniques, tools, processes, a bit of sound design, among other things. And finally, the Fada project. They had to deliver an Intro for the show, a Slideshow template, a Template for the Winners and an Outro. The branding of the event was designed by Inés Casals, another IED teacher.
Emmy Forss was the student that made the project selected by the client. I think the client chose wisely, as Emmy’s work was very coherent with the rest of the imagery created for the event. But there were some other amazing projects, and I really felt proud of the work of most of the students. Although I have to say, sometimes I felt like the opposite of the badass Whiplash teacher, too soft and kind with my students. After all, I am a sweetheart, I can’t help it.
P.S. You can follow Emmy’s projects here These are also worth a glance, they have a promising career:
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