I updated my reel right before the end of 2019. It includes a compilation of the projects I'm most proud of. A big shoutout to Music Bed for letting me use this amazing song.
Less is More
I focused these last four years on smoothing my technique and applying the Animation Principles to my work. I'd say my favorite project has been the explainer video I did for the Love Your Eyes Campaign while working at My Loud Speaker in Vancouver.
The animated fonts from Animography were a huge inspiration for this animation.
A Motion Designer in the Tech Industry
In December 2015 I started working for Fitplan. I had the chance to create some UI animations, which I had a lot of fun doing.
Splash Screen for the Mealplan App, a nutrition guide for fitness enthusiasts.
In 2017 I became Fitplan's Creative Director, but I still had opportunities to play with Motion Design. From logo animations to animating UI buttons, or creating motion graphics templates with After Effects to refine our editing process.

Thanks to one of our developers I started working with Kite, an app that exports animations to iOS, generating zero-dependency Swift or Objective-C code for your animation.
Fitplan's Splash Screen
Fitplan's completed workout button
Side projects
We had our first son in August 2016, and our second two years later. Despite being pretty busy, I found some time to work on a few side projects. I helped an agency from Barcelona win a pitch and volunteered for an NGO, among a few more projects.  
Every Motion Designer animates a world map sooner or later
I have lived in three different cities, worked in multiple office spaces, met awesome people and most importantly enjoyed every project I worked on. I couldn't be more grateful. If you arrived here, thanks for reading! Here's to an amazing 2020.
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