Global Sound Lab

Brand Identity

Global Sound Lab is a sound and audio branding studio, led by Saul Santolaria. Saul is an innovator and talented musician, and we worked close together, creating the assets for a robust brand.

Here are some of the steps we took to create the final identity.

Photography is a great tool to show how your brand feels. I wanted to make sure we were creating a humanised brand, showing how sound brings people together. This moodboard was used to align with the client in terms of look and feel, defining colours and overall message. 


Creating a grid that combined lines and circles I designed an audiowave that had an organic feeling, following the principle of humanising the brand.

The font Titling Gothic Fb was used for the logotype, with an extra kerning between the three words. Raleway was used for the claim.
Color Palette

Despite playing with brighter colors, we finally decided to go for a clean, serious and reliable color palette, with blue shades over a white background.
Website and Business Cards

These are the two first assets created for Global Sound Lab, a website and business cards, to get a jump start and grow the business. The website uses an intuitive CMS to ease the updating process. The business cards have rounded edges and are printed on a 32pt thick paper.​​​​​​​
Thanks for reading!
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